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Nginx cannot be NAT, because NAT is a translation happening in L3 layer of an OSI model (IP packet header addresses are rewritten), and nginx works way above - on L7.


Nginx cannot be NAT, but AWS recently launched NAT-as-a-Service so you don't have to host your own servers for this.


With a VPN. You have tons of options to choose from.


With a VPN. Usually in advanced routers you can setup one, this means both routers in both ends must support it. If both ends have a computer you might leave them switched on, use it as a server and setup Openvpn there. the router then will just NAT the openvpn port to the server and from the server you will have your LAN plugged to your SWITCH who will ...


1) On 1st PC setup OpenVPN(or any other VNP server) server. 2) On the router connected to the 1st computer, setup port forward or DMZ 3) On 2nd PC setup connection to 1st PC

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