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You also need to specify in your firewall rule the destination interface for the traffic to be NATted. Otherwise it will just attempt to NAT everything, and as you've seen, that doesn't work. You should only be NATing traffic bound for the outside world. So, let's say that your default route for all your Internet-bound traffic goes out VLAN 200 (since you ...


When packets are send directly on the Ethernet interface, they won't be going through the IP layer in the kernel's network stack. That means no iptables either. You'll need to either get the program to generate the packet the way you want it to look, or you'll need to have the packet send through the IP layer in your network stack. There are a few ...


I found my mistake when i was sleeping, so i woke up immediately and fixed this. The interface which is doing nat networking is vmbr1 but when i setup virtual machine i was assigning wrong bridge mode (vmbr0) to network device. To fix this i stopped virtual machine and edited bridge mode from vmbr0 to vmbr1. Now everything works fine.


Just replace $NETWORK_TO_NAT with the IP address of the client you want NAT.


You need a NAT and port forwarding... PUBLIC IP | ----------------- | NAT | ----------------- | | TCP 80 | UDP 53 | | | Ubuntu Everything else Server Private IP Private IP You have both the nameserver and the webserver on the Ubuntu box. So your NAT router ...


You can't do 1-to-1 NAT with only 1 outside IP address when you're working with 2 internal hosts. The reason is because the firewall will never have a true destination for outside source connections, unless one of the internal hosts is down. In this case, you would require 2 iptables rules to provide round-robin functionality: $ipt -t nat -A PREROUTING -s ...


To answer your questions: No the instance does not auto-update you need to configure that (Amazon Linux is very much like CentOS - you will find instructions for that) You use an instance which is reachable from the internet and hop to the instances in the private VPC from this one (gateway) You just need to make sure your ACL and security groups are set ...

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