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Snapshots on Netapp take space based on how many blocks have changed since they were created. That can get high with time. You can safely delete any snapshot that's not in a locked state (for things like snapmirror) and that will clear up space for you. You can also configure snap autodelete to prevent the snapshots from exceeding the reserve. Snap show ...


vSphere snapshots and NetApp snapshots are very different things - as for your answer, you need someone who knows how to manage NetApps to look at your snap schedule, the current snap space being used and configure them more for your needs - it sounds like this person really isn't you.


10GBASE-SR is a good choice for this connection. But when consider cost, the distance(10m), it seems more acceptable to select SFP+ DAC (direct attach copper version). Since the transceivers on ends of DAC are not real one, SFP+ DAC is cheaper than 10G optical moduels, say 10GBASE-SR optics. It's true that the original ones from Juniper are really ...

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