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You didn't specify --send-only, so it has no way to know whether or not you're done receiving. If you want it to receive data too, then you'll have to tell it when you're done. If you don't want it to receive data, specify --send-only.


Netcat (nc) is telling you that it can't resolve the name "smtp.xxxxx.yy". That's what nc: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known means. To verify that this is the issue, I'd suggest entering the IP of your SMTP server manually in your nc command instead of the domain name. If that works, then it's definitely a DNS issue. To see what's going wrong in ...


Yes, TCP attempts to establish a reliable connection over an unreliable network, so it is tolerant to some degree of packet loss. The sender would keep retrying sending its data, until it gets an ACK from the receiver, or until it times out and decides that the connection is lost. According to this post, on Linux the default timeout when sending data is ...

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