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You should instead do a file system level migration, this will preserve your shadow copies if the shadow storage is located on the same logical volume, or on the same NAS volume. File-level migration will not transfer shadow copies. So, if you can get a block-level access to your LUN on the storage level, you can directly transfer the LUN to a new NAS ...


I have seen similar issues when the MTU setting is incorrect/mismatched. Did you enable Jumbo Frames on the NAS? If so try disabling it. Maybe with a static IP you need to set the MTU manually, but with DHCP it is detecting and setting it automatically. Also for your Network/DHCP config. Make sure you only have one of the 3 DHCP servers enabled (I would ...


I dont think a wiring issue as it copy, and always fail at the end. Remove your antivirus to test out, as it look to me a scanning error


Since there is only 4 slots, then just use raid 6. With only a few employee, I don't think you need to worry about performance. You can't just pull out the drives and expect it would work elsewhere. It will most likely work if you have purchase the same NAS box and put the hard drive in. But I would just buy a second NAS box and then have them in sync.


What RAID is best for data recovery? That depends on your use case. It depends whether you want more redundancy, more storage capacity or more performance. See this overview for more information about the specific levels. Am I able to just pull a drive out with all the data on for an easy off-site backup? Would obviously replace this with a new fresh ...


NFS exports have some extra requirements - they should be exported and accessible by all the hypervisors of course, but also, the export path should belong to 36:36 chown -R 36:36 /path/to/export Folks usually forget the permissions. BTW, if you are using SELinux on the NFS machine, please make sure it is configured for NFS as well


I remember this issue was discussed when 1Gbps first emerged and it had something to do with flow control protocol being managed on Ethernet level vs TCP/IP level. I managed to find this link that describes the problem. So the proposed solution is to disable Ethernet flow control on the switch.

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