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I manged to run it already and its works well now. the thing I missed is I didn't install any phpadmin and here I installed phpPgAdmin. second thing I were having 2 version of Postgresql I deleted the oldest. then its working now... thanx for trying to help me @ewwhite


It is very simple: with iptables, you can track the users as well. Theoretically, you could block/delete/redirect their packets, but now currently you only want to measure them. It is very simple, because iptables by default tracks all of the data getting through their rules. An example code is here: iptables -A OUTPUT -o eth0 -m owner --uid-owner 1001 ...


No, there is no such logfile. You have to specifically set up logging to do that, and I am not aware of a standard way to do it. It may not be easy to do it accurately: a user may cause a process that isn't owned by that user to generate network traffic and it may not be trivial to ascribe that traffic to that user. See e.g. this near-duplicate question or ...


The problem is that you need to establish a link between a network connection and a user while it is running. Once this has been done, this link is lost (at least, up to my knowledge). One way to keep this information could be follow what is explained in this question: How to monitor network bandwidth per user on Ubuntu server?. (askUbuntu)


I'm not sure why you're installing onto Windows XP. Either way, your OpenNMS login page should be: However, the OpenNMS mailing list would be a better resource for any questions beyond this. http://www.opennms.org/wiki/Mailing_lists


Steps to totally reset to factory: Connect a serial port, 115200/8/N/1, no flow control Reboot the device. Hit control-C when it mentions RedBoot (I just kept tapping ^c during boot until it worked) At the RedBoot> prompt, type fconfig rstrtac true, then answer y when it asks Update RedBoot non-volatile configuration - continue (y/n)? Reboot again, and ...

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