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I agree with you 100% that many of the DCIM tools are very expensive. Disclaimer: I am with a DCIM vendor myself (www.graphicalnetworks.com) which develops netTerrain DCIM. netTerrain is quote affordable compared to some of the other vendors, but it is all relative of course. We do full cable mgmt, and real time power and temperature monitoring, but you may ...


this program can monitor traffic by port 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor (http://www.10-strike.com/bandwidth-monitor/) another andvantage is that it displays all monitoring results into diagrams and graphs in real time Visit the program's webpage, there are a lot of screenshots of it


You'll need to configure the bond as follows: miimon=100 because you need a link monitoring mode. You could also use arp_interval=1000 and arp_ip_target=gate.way.ip if you wished. mode=1 or mode=active-backup so that only one connection is used at a time. primary=eth0 so the Ethernet interface is used whenever it's available. fail_over_mac=active so that ...

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