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As explained here you can use netbalancer to both monitor the usage on specific applications as well as log, and can limit total usage either system wide or for specific applications as well. Free version should be sufficient. Also, this would probably be better suited for the super user community, rather than the Sysadmin one.


installing a monitoring tool If this is only one box, i would not install any monitoring tool, rather rely on scripts. However if you want to go with monitoring tools, i would pick zabbix [monitoring] & ossec [IDS] doing often the updates (how often?) Depends lets take e.g of recent vulnerability on heartbleed, how would you choose to get ...


If you have a set of real end-users, they're almost always better than a monitoring service. I manage quite a few mail systems (mostly Exchange), and any sort of outage immediately spurs phone calls and inquiries about whether the mail server is down.|when it'll be back?|where is my email?|I'll kill you! This is one case where I don't do anything ...

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