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I don't believe there is any downside to having two print queues for a single printer. I have made seperate queues for each papertray of a printer, to avoid the "grouping issue". Create a TCP/IP print queue manually and add a descriptive tag;


I have done this with one printer and two different drivers (one PostScript, and one PCL). It should work about the same for using the same driver with the following caveat: Windows may not show both queues if it determines they are using the same port and driver (see the article below). You can sidestep this problem by creating another IP printer port on ...


Would love for this to be a comment - if only I had the rep. Would love even more for this to be a private message but apparently stackexchange doesn't and will not ever do those. SteadH: Wondering if you had any luck with this? I'm trying to do the same thing myself. I've used the tamperdata firefox plugin to see what happens during a login process (i.e. ...

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