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If you already have an existing Z: drive connected to something else, you will need to remove it (net use /delete z:). If you still have an existing vSubst configured, you may need to remove it. For regular drive mappings: From a command prompt:, net use z: \\dir\bin. From windows explorer: Go to Computer/Map Network Drive Enter Z for the drive ...


It's a hostname resolution issue, as you suppose, on the standalone server. The TNS alias on the standalone server, where the name dbserver is used, seems different from the one on the servers where the tnsping is working, where the IP is used. You can modify the tnsnames.ora file on the standalone server to use the IP or add an ...


As I am also using some cifs mounts on our systems and we recently got some networking issues in our company, I can say that it does reconnect. Otherwise all my shares and systems wouldn't work anymore. Maybe others experienced other behaviour, but my shares always reconnected.

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