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The world is a fairly large place and although network bandwidth is steadily increasing network latency between one part of the world and the opposite end of the globe isn't going away anytime soon. Optimisation and tuning on multiple levels can improve the user experience, but ultimately you'll reach the level where the only feasible way to improve ...


You have to tradeoff between user experience and dollars. First, I'd want to know how many users on a percentage basis are coming from APAC. If it is less than say 10%, your best course of action is to probably wait to see what happens. You also don't say what type of application you are supporting and how latency sensitive it is. You'd make one decision if ...


I've 'resolved' this issue by conducting an in-place upgrade of the Server to 2008 R2 (up from 2008). Network speeds are saturating the gigabit pipe now.

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