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No, you can do that safely. Even in SMB segment these roles sometimes are running on the same server (physical or virtual)


unama is definitely not a "normal" file from an official package, see packages.debian.org. You an check whether it comes from any installed unofficial package by running dpkg -S /bin/unama. This will either show the name of the installed package it comes from, or show nothing if this file is not associated with any currently installed package.


First of all, have a look here: Concepts of Interception Caching to have some idea on the advantages, disadvantages or possible issues of using transparent proxy. Secondly, HTTPS or ssl traffic won't work with a normal transparent proxy. You need to have a special configuration called ssl-bump, which has its own issues to consider in regards of privacy. ...


This has been solved. Linux obviously doesn't exactly play by the regular rules of the TCP stack like Windows machines do. I restarted the Linux server. Did a ping to an IP address that was problematic (x.x.249.76). An ICMP Redirect was received from the router (x.x.250.1) saying "Hey, you can talk to x.x.249.76 directly and you don't need to go through ...

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