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AFAIK there is no user authentication support for NFS using credentials. The authentication is based on the source IP address of the NFS client (ie: the ESXi host) and the actual mount point. Maybe you mean Samba Shares (aka windows shares)? Those are not supported on ESXi. Only NFS and iSCSI are supported.


The ACL are used and active over NFS. Use the command nfs4_getfacl to show the ACL on an NFSv4 mount: $ nfs4_getfacl /tmp/test A::OWNER@:rwatTnNcCy A::alice@nfsdomain.org:rxtncy A::bob@nfsdomain.org:rwadtTnNcCy A:g:GROUP@:rtncy D:g:GROUP@:waxTC A::EVERYONE@:rtncy D::EVERYONE@:waxTC The reason why the ACL look so different compared to Linux ACL? Because ...

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