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I think this should work. Make the files to be protected are owned by root:root. eg chown root:root Make sure root_squash is enabled on the nfs mount. chmod 0644 the files. If you can get away with it, chown root:root the directory, and chmod 755 the directory. That's the only way to ensure it cannot be deleted by anyone other than root. The owner--and ...


Default NFS service do not support proxy so i suggest you to use ganesha which i belive solve your problem https://github.com/nfs-ganesha/nfs-ganesha/wiki/PROXY


In /etc/exports use the ro option to only export the share as read only. /path/to/nfs webserver.com(ro) If you have selective files that you want to protect as read only, I would suggest not going down the rabbit hole of ACLs and permissions modifications, and simply make a static assets mounts and export that as (ro).

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