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SO, this is what ended up working for me after countless hours trying to figure this thing out: I knew everything was working fine on the erver side since I was ale to access the share from other linux computers, the problem was accessing it on MacOsx. so, after looking around for a while I found Fuse for Osx and the Sshfs package to go with it. I installed ...


NFS is working with some RPC daemons. According to the tag, I assume you're using NFSv4. First, are you sure your mac is using v4 ? Are your RPC Daemons started on your Mac ? On Linux, you can get your daemon status with rpcinfo -p. You should at least have "portmapper", "mountd" and "nfs" on your server. You may also have "nlockmgr" for locking management ...


The problem existed with kernel 2.6.32-431.el6 from CentOS 6.5. At the time the question was posed, this was a fairly old kernel. We looked at the changelog for RHEL/CentOS kernels, and saw lots of NFS-related activity. So we upgraded to (what was) the newest CentOS 6.6 kernel, 2.6.32-504.12.2.el6, and haven't experienced the problem since.


Here are a few ways of doing this but I'd shy away from using the term "best practice". Cron Job This will work - I've done it before. Why wouldn't it work? Make it run periodically during business hours and warn new users that their account will be ready for use after X minutes. Properly centralise account management Create a script/interface that uses ...


squash_all has nothing to do with files permissions. It controls only files owner ship. There must be windows client configuration, where you can set default permission for newly created files and directories.


One solution to this issue is to use pam_mkhomedir to create their home directory on their first login to a system. The description in the manpage: The pam_mkhomedir PAM module will create a users home directory if it does not exist when the session begins. This allows users to be present in central database (such as NIS, kerberos or LDAP) ...

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