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It will create the homedir at whatever location is listed as the users homedir, there is no "default". Everything else doesn't make any sense. If you want Alice's home directory to be /nfs/home/alice, put it into the LDAP record.


The reason you're having problems getting an answer to your question is that it isn't really a matter of advantages or disadvantages. The access modes are very different, and it's therefore a matter of to what use you are going to put your server. File mode is the classic mode. Your file system is handled by your server, and lots of NFS clients can use the ...


pNFS support file share and byte-range locks as NFSv4. Please refer to the address


As per RFC 5661 (nfs 4.1 incl. pnfs) The requirement of NFSv4.1 that all user access rights MUST be obtained through the appropriate OPEN, LOCK, and ACCESS operations is not modified with the existence of layouts. Layouts are provided to NFSv4.1 clients, and user access still follows the rules of ...

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