Nginx ("engine x") is a lightweight, high-performance HTTP server, reverse proxy, TCP stream proxy and mail proxy, released under a BSD-like license.

Nginx is a web server and mail proxy known for its high performance and small resource footprint. It is used in many places as a replacement to Apache and also as a front end server to static content or reverse proxying. Nginx is developed under a BSD-like license by Kazakhstani developer Igor Sysoev.

Nginx comes with diverse modules that enable it to perform various different tasks such as load balancing, URL rewriting, request rate limiting, content compression, raw TCP proxying and integration with tools like memcached or scripting languages like Lua.

Nginx is being used by sites like WordPress, Sourceforge and Github and its market share has been almost constantly raising since 2008. By Netcraft's March 2011 survey it hosts approximately 7% of world's websites (and almost half of the busiest sites in Russia). As of March 2013, the market share of all sites has almost doubled (13.5%).

After nine years of development, Nginx 1.0 stable was released on April 2011.

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