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You can't run ntp server without connecting to another time server.


As far as I can see in the sources, ntpd handles both a member of a pool and individual servers roughly in the same way: it adds them to the list of peers. All these peers are used by ntpd. The magic of the pool mechanism is in round-robin DNS: as ntpd resolves the pool name through DNS, the response from the DNS query is a single node, which may be ...


Natively time.windows.com is used by Microsoft operating systems. If you need something more specific, I would advise using a NIST Internet Time Server. They even run authenticated NTP if you're concerned with tampering. If this still doesn't suffice, you can always run your own. There are a number of vendors that sell stratum 1 or 2 NTP servers which you ...


Windows native runs a simplified ntp called sntp. As you have noticed it is not without limitations. If you have an AD observe that the time for the domain will be synchronized from the PDC Emulator role, whichever DC has it. Assuming you cant run Linux ntpd or ntpd for Windows you could take a look at a shareware client called Tardis, this may be it's link ...

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