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To add to Kevin's list: Check for ethernet link Check for ARP, consider using tcpdump or wireshark to check if there's any traffic Ask if they require you to manually set link speed/duplex


Couple things come to mind: MAC address learning. My home cable modem does this and once it's seen a MAC, it won't respond to any other MAC. Power-cycling the cable modem causes it to forget the MAC its seen so that I can use it with another system. Crossover cable/strightthrough confusion. You're using one when you should be using the other. I don't know ...


First, I checked Kevin's second possible solution. It was straight-through cable, so this was not cause of the problem. After that, I decided to do power-cycling. But when I've opened the rack, there was a huge mess in it, at least 10 network devices with mass of cables and wires. It was nothing labeled (I don't know why) so I concluded that it easier for ...

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