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I don't have a Solaris system to hand but it appears that the script is relying on /bin/sh being a link to /bin/bash and as such is using bash syntax that sh doesn't understand. As you've discovered changing the shebang to #!/bin/bash fixes the problem. You should submit a bug report and hopefully the maintainers will fix it to be less Linux centric.


Perhaps is there an issue with power management on your machine. Try disabling it by adding the following line to the /etc/power.conf file cpupm disable next run pmconfig and see if the I/O behavior changes. Update: As disabling power management doesn't change anything, the fact is the kernel is essentially idle during the "Bad times" with zero ...


Well, there are a few things wrong here... Your zpool version is old. zpool upgrade will fix that. The pool design does not lend itself to high performance. You have the effective IOPS potential of one disk. (this is likely the biggest issue here) You have too many drives in your RAIDZ1. You shouldn't go over 7... There are likely other tunables that may ...

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