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I believe you are taking a more complicated approach than necessary. To disable a DIT disable its corresponding database. This can be accomplished by setting olcHidden: TRUE. olcHidden: TRUE | FALSE Controls whether the database will be used to answer queries. A database that is hidden will never be selected to answer any queries, and any suffix ...


I would say this depends entirely on who and what is connecting to your LDAP server. Every client that connects via LDAPS SHOULD verify that the certificate is signed by a trusted authority. Not all of them do. (This is what EEAA is referring to) A self signed certificate will not be trusted by default. So it will need to be imported into the list of ...


At a previous employer, they tried to disable changing passwords via control-alt-delete and force password changing via a web page to address this particular issue. Sadly, you'll likely have to either invest in a third party product or write something (like the web page mentioned above) in order to sync the passwords.

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