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Those two searches have different search bases. Check your ACLs for more information. All I know at a for sure is that: anonymous has some access to the dc=domen,dc=lan subtree. cn=manager,dc=domen,dc=lan has no access to the cn=config subtree.


Some partial answers: 1. Does postfix only query using the local username and doesn't include the FQDN in the query? Is this because I'm using alias_maps in /etc/postfix/main.cf? YES, according alias_maps documentation, we need to refer on man 5 aliases to know the syntax details. The name is a local address (no domain part). Use double quotes ...


No, MUST in a superclass cannot be overridden to MAY in a subclass. An object of a subclass of person must still be a valid person. If you don't want cn to be required, you'll have to pick a different superclass.


"-h" is used for hostnames, "-H" is used for URIs. Try doing your query as: ldapsearch -H ldap://ldap.fast.com:389 -D "dc=fast,dc=com" -x -W (the "-p" is not used with "-H", instead include the port if needed in the URI)

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