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Somehow simple, but finally I found the answer. This is what I did: With the help of an answer to another question at StackOverflow I redirected the whole output of the script to a file and realized that the environment variables for authentication didn't get sourced. Why: Because the shell didn't know the source command. Why? Because I was stupid enough ...


Why use your home network for VMs? You should be using your home network as Floating IPs and let the VMs talk to each other over a private network. There are plenty of guides available online on how to do this. I even wrote one myself: https://barakme.wordpress.com/2013/12/23/openstack-in-a-box-setting-up-devstack-havana-on-your/ It's for the Havana ...


By default, devstack sets up two tenants - admin and demo. If you log in to Horizon as admin, it might choose either tenant as the current one. But you can always switch between them. The demo user can only log in to the demo tenant.


That depends on your topology. If you are spreading your OpenStack environment across multiple racks/switches and plan on moving Hadoop HDFS nodes around, then well, you can't specify a topology (or you need to change it after each move of a VM). It will still work correctly, it will just not be as efficient as on bare metal servers and less outage ...


You tried to install the 32-bit drivers on 64-bit Windows. The 64-bit drivers can be found on the virtio CD image in the \win7\amd64 folder.


Added the following to /etc/cinder/cinder.conf on the storage node: [DEFAULT] enabled_backends=lvm57 [lvm57] iscsi_helper=lioadm volume_group=cinder-volumes volume_driver=cinder.volume.drivers.lvm.LVMISCSIDriver iscsi_ip_address= volume_backend_name=LVM_iSCSI ...


It looks like you are trying to connect directly to the openstack heat service, without going through keystone authentication first. In openstack, you log in to the openstack keystone service, receive an authentication token and pass that token to the service you want to use. If you get an "Authentication Required" error, it probably means that you did not ...

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