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The first rule uses the connection tracking extension ctstate and inverts dynamic network address translation protocol ! - I believe the rules are saying, when the source is from and the destination is the same network don't NAT the source (so if this is a virtual router then that would be dhcp offers and the like, also any host to host ...


I believe the os_keypair module has not performed any changes to the system. The contents of your keypair variable indicate: { "changed": false, ... } The ansible docs say this about return of a private_key. Only when a keypair is generated for the user (e.g., when creating one and a public key is not specified). If a public key exists, I do not ...


Mirantis Fuel deploys hardened openstack packages to nodes and uses the fuel head node as a local repo mirror (if configured) and it also configures the apt sources on all nodes to be subscribed to mirantis openstack repositories. Look at the openstack nodes repository sources, it will look something like this deb


Look at the Juno documentation here: Each of the filters is listed and if one is deprecated it will say so like:

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