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So, I was found a solution. Open the file /etc/iscsi/nodes/iqn.2000-node-name/,3260,1/default Insert next rows: node.session.auth.username = user_defined_in_target_setting node.session.auth.password = your_password Login to target from initiator should be successful.


I have zero experience with opensuse, but this is what we do with our network appliance targets in centos. Steps Open the /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf file with a text editor. Enable CHAP authentication by setting node.session.auth.authmethod to CHAP, the default is None. node.session.auth.authmethod = CHAP Provide a CHAP user name and password for the ...


1. Verify installation Run which sshd to get the path it is called from. If you don't get /usr/sbin/sshd in response, it is most likely not installed. 2. Installing sshd Run zypper in openssh to install the application. 3. Check firewall Run /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 | grep sshd. You need to see FW_CONFIGURATIONS_EXT="sshd" - This means the firewall ...


How about libguestfs and especially its guestfish interactive console or guestmount mount tool?

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