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you are in o=Mindlandcollege ConsoleOne is deprecated at this point for any function and the export tool was never all that, iManager is the current tool from Novell. That being said, I would use Apache Directory Studio as it talks directly to the LDAP and has a more easily understandable toolset. Save consoleone and imanager for actually manipulating the ...


You want the public bridge option. On your OpenSUSE KVM host the IP address moves from the physical NIC to the bridge interface and keeps it accessible on your network and your Debian guest virtual NIC is connected through the bridge which also makes it attached to the same local network. Using the NAT default means your Debian guest is ...


Turn the server off when you're not using it. Turn it on when you need it. For your purposes, you don't have any practical deep-sleep options for that Supermicro hardware that would be substantially better than poweroff/poewron. There are exceptions to this... Look into the ACPI modes (especially S3 or S5) and acpitool. For Linux, acpitool -s.

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