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You use ldapsearch and don't forget -ZZ for proper authentication


Try using Zypper: $ zypper remove mariadb $ zypper remove mariadb-tools View this page for more information.


Open the VM with VMware Player or similar and boot with SystemRescueCD iso in the "CD drive". Within the recovery OS you can mount the drive and copy off data, via scp (may need to change VM network settings to bridged and use DHCP).


As SvW already covered the SuSE part, here is the answer for CentOS: Only the latest CentOS minor versions get patches -- as always. Update to CentOS 6.5. There won't be patches for 6.4. Patches for CentOS 6.5 are already released.


OpenSUSE 11.0 is out of support for 4 years. Update this thing to a supported OS.


This is an HP ProLiant server. In order to maximize the benefit of the hardware and its monitoring and temperature regulation features, you should install the HP Management Agents (for RHEL6) or (SuSE) on the system. There's no need to use ipmitool and lm_sensors on HP equipment, as purpose-built tools exist. Despite this, the ILO4 governs many of these ...


Got resolution by adding "+::::::" to end of local files (passwd & shadow) --- now able to ssh to ldap-based accounts from the new openSUSE 13.1 host...but there surely must be something within my pams that is still wrong and this is just a kludge (?) Or does the openSUSE 13.1 install incorrectly not add that ending tag to the file?

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