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Actually it is possible to accept license and download the tar from command line, all in one step. You can pass a cookie to the server via wget in this way: wget --header "Cookie: oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie" After that you can just install the tar by extracting ...


All variables looked quite normal. However, I wrote a cronjob to output the date/time and filedescriptors every minute, and found the filedescriptors to be within normal values. However, at 3am, the servers clock suddenly went 2 hours back in time(took me a while to notice that from the logfile), and then it died without any errors in logs. It turned out to ...


When you change your JDK/JRE there are a few places where you might need to update it to work properly. Make sure it's using the correct version (check with ps).


You do NOT need to fully install an Oracle instance. Download the Oracle Client as mentioned in George3's answer Install - when it asks you to select either Instant Client, Runtime, Administrator, or Custom <-- pick Custom. Select Database Utilities. This contains the exp/imp files

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