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Just resolved this issue with Microsoft support. The 3 users not receiving < OAB URL > from autodiscover.xml had a specific (and the wrong) OAB configured in their AD Object setting "msExchUseOAB", instead of being "< not set >". With the entries for "msExchUseOAB" cleared, OAB settings were obtained from Autodiscover.


I had problem with Outlook for Mac - a box kept appearing saying "Authentication Failed - Invalid Credentials" and asking if I wanted to try entering password. If "No" was clicked or if my password was entered, the message would just appear again after a few seconds. Whilst this message was on the screen I could not open Outlook on my MacBook. Solved the ...


Hi I have Server 2008R2 and I apply the GPO on windows 7 32 bit with office 2010 32 bit. and this is work's for me mlcfg32.cpl http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ee330741(v=vs.85).aspx I hope it's will help for everyone. Avraham.


You could try importing the certificate in to the trust publisher and trusted root certificate authorities directories of the computer accounts of all the pc in the domain via group policy. I am familiar with worksite and I think your problem here is that worksite is not designed to decrypt the attachments when they are sent and filed. If the users want to ...

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