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Maybe. How would we know , given that you've told us exactly nothing about your Exchange environment, beyond the fact that you have one? You should probably check the Outlook deleted items folder first anyway.


It's the OST files... the locally cached copy of the emails and calendar events and such that Outlook downloads from the Exchange server. You want to disable cached mode and prevent Outlook from creating an OST file, though why you'd do this instead of just using OWA (Outlook Web App/"Exchange Webmail") is beyond me. Both settings are controllable by GPO ...


Assuming there isn't a GPO being set... Check ALL of the junk mail settings in Outlook, not Exchange. Exchange doesn't have any settings within the EMC for an individual mailboxes junk mail. and: Then check and make sure they aren't in your Safe Senders accidentally, and check any rules setup to make sure there isn't a rule triggered that overrides ...

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