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Since Michael DeHaan (creator of Ansible) has chosen not to abstract out the package manager modules like Chef does, unfortunately you'll need to handle doing this in all of your playbooks and roles. IMHO this pushes a lot of unnecessary repetitive work onto playbook & role authors... but it's the way it currently is. Note that I'm not saying we should ...


Actually puppet has a very easy to implement local config for small environments and is one of the best tools for this. This page has info on a very very quick and easy setup. http://projects.puppetlabs.com/projects/1/wiki/simplest_puppet_install_pattern


Disclaimer - much opinion herein. With that out of the way, my first question would be, "How big will this application become?" If the answer is >10 servers, I'd suggest biting the bullet and going the Puppet/Chef/Ansible route. If <10 servers, just reproduce manually looking at package manifests, and taking notes as you build your second server.

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