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Since this question was answered last, a new web based search site has become available: It works pretty well, but results are limited to the latest release per major version, e.g. CentOS 6.8 and 7.2 From the about section, it is "a personal project by Johannes Gehrs, not associated with CentOS"


Either the package should automatically upgrade the DB schema, or it should come with instructions on how to do it manually and state clearly that this is a required step. If it goes for the auto-upgrade way, then it should check whether the schema has already been upgraded; and if it's supposed to be installed on multiple servers sharing a single DB, it ...


A non command line solution that worked for me was to search for the package on debian`s repo website. Once you find the package version you are interested in, you click on it and you are navigated to the package details. On the right hand side menu there is a heading "Download Source Package" followed by the package name. In my case: Download Source ...


You can try to use following command: apt-get changelog libxml2

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