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You should use SSSD and configure it to use LDAP instead of working with PAM directly. Then you can use the following in the SSSD domain configuration: access_provider = simple simple_allow_groups = groupname which is a very basic way to limit users, but you could also use access_provider=ldap and then use much more advanced LDAP queries to control ...


As you're configuring sudo, it's quite natural that it only affects what you can do with sudo. I see no reason why it shouldn't be possible to make pam use sudo. If it's only a static set of devices, you can define them in /etc/fstab, if you just add the user option, any user can mount them. If you really want users to be able to mount anything (but ...


Finally it turned out that nfs was responsible. Client was v.4, while server v.3 and therefore, mount option sec=sys was necessary at the client part. Thanks to all who bothered.

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