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The space exists on the disk, you just need to make it available. The simplest thing to do here is to Use fdisk to create a new partition Create a filesystem using mkfs Add the new partition into a convenient filesystem location using mount. Update the /etc/fstab as appropriate.


You could move the 2nd partition sdb2 to the end of the "disk" and then recreate the first, by then you will have the ability to recreate the first one with "full" size. However depending on your filesystem you should not need to delete it but rather "only" unmount it, and then do resize2fs (at least for ext2/3/4) , after doing the above move. The move ...


Two things: Linux only reads partition tables when disks are initially detected by the system (i.e. at boot time or when connected later). You can use the partprobe command to rescan the partition table on demand. N.B. On some distributions partprobe has problems with rescanning the partition table of the boot drive and a reboot may be required. After ...

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