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When assigning a USB drive to a virtual machine, the host lose control over it. After all, a USB device can be assigned to one single machine (as a side note, USB is quite difficult to virtualize, so this situation is not going to change in the near future). Moreover, you can not mount multiple times the same filesystem unless it is cluster aware (and NTFS ...


It's not letting you "online" the disk in the host OS because it is in use by a guest OS. That was the reason that you had to take it offline in the host in the first place, to ensure that only one OS has it mounted at a time.


3. In Disk Manager, I right-click my USB hard drive and pick Online. Are you doing this on the host? If so, you're doing it wrong. It needs to remain offline on the host. Setting it Online would be done from the guest, if the guest were a Windows VM. For Linux/Unix you probably need to do some kind of mount from within the guest.


@tigran - thank you for the help. You raised some very important points. The problem here was actually port numbers. In the first scenario: Device (static)]----[Gateway (]----[Ubuntu Linux Server] The device was requesting: authenticated mount request from ...

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