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The password is replicated to the domain controller with the PDC Emulator role immediately, at the next replication interval to all other domain controllers. Additionally, if a logon fails, the authentication is attempted at the the PDC Emulator role domain controller, so you should not need to be too concerned about the effects of delayed replication for ...


Possibly related. In esxi 6, changing the root password in the Vsphere client did not seem to properly take effect. I could no longer log into vsphere, but could still log into the machine console with the old password. Restarting all the management agents seemed to bring everything into line again.


Every bizhub has an admin menu and unfortunately, KM makes it hard to find. You can change that pin in this admin menu or even remove it, but you have to login with an admin account on the machine.


Try running these commands from the machines that cannot access with hostnames: nbtstat -RR AND ipconfig /flushdns NOTE: The hosts file also relies on a hard-coded IP address. You may want to consider configuring the server is a static IP address rather than DHCP.

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