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If you have hundreds of files that call mail() with a specific hostname, which will not be available soon, you could either: Manually search and replace just that hostname, Put that hostname in your HOSTS file as & set up an MTA on that will relay all mail to your new host.


I upgraded the mongo pecl module from 1.4.5 to 1.5.8. This problem is fixed.


What your OS??? For CentOS try this: yum install php-pecl-zip


I have met the same problem. But at last I solve it. This is because the Xhprof is not accurately loaded. If you run php -m which is used to show the extensions of PHP, you will find there is no Xhprof. The steps which you install the xhprof is right, but maybe you chose a wrong php.ini file. Maybe there are two files named php.ini, the one's location is ...

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