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In amavisd.conf there is a line up at the top of the file $log_templ= you will want to add %b to that, it will include the MD5 hash of the email in the log. You will probably want to read the README.customize a bit more, because you will be redefining how amavisd logs. This is one I've found, it's not impossible to understand, you'd just need to add the %b ...


OK, at least I have two references why this behavior happened in postfix. But I'm not sure what's concept behind below behaviour. One possible explanation was in this thread: GID, current, primary, supplementary, effective and real group IDs?. Maybe you can get the further explanation for the experts in unix.SE. Your case was confirmed by these two ...


Try setting this environment variable before running CPAN: export PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT=1 It makes perl automatically answer "yes" when CPAN asks "Would you like to configure as much as possible automatically? [yes]" Source


As you say you are on Debian the easiest way is aptitude install libnet-ssh2-perl But if you really really wish to install it from CPAN instead make sure you've got all the development tools and libraries and also the SSH library installed: aptitude install build-essential libssh2-1-dev The you can install the module from CPAN - just verified on a ...

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