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The allowable syntax for the expansion can be seen in the message_expand function in LimitsOld.pm. As far as I can tell it doesn't implement enough control structures to do what you want. Alternative approach would be to pass the notifications through an intermediary (Nagios for example or a script of your own devising) and apply logic/reformatting there.


I ran into this myself and figured I'd respond since there isn't an answer. The answer is actually that you're sending mail to yourself through the same mail server, which is normally the first thing anyone does to test a change to mail server configuration. As far as I can tell, anything that is in your list trusted networks isn't considered a relay for ...


Ok, I found this little bug, I knew it was something small enough to not be noticed. It turns out the PATH variable was being changed when the scripts in cron were ran and ended up like this /usr/bin:/bin. The conflicting date command was installed in /usr/bin and not in /bin so cron was using the wrong one and I couldn't notice because in the normal user ...

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