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StrictModes checks the home directory permissions not just the .ssh directory. As the man pages say: This is normally desirable because novices sometimes accidentally leave their directory or files world-writable. Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /home/myUser. Says it has a problem with the home directory permissions.


A user account by default has read access to most other objects and their attributes in AD. You can minimize access by assigning a long random password, and creating a special security group for those accounts. In the Default Domain Policy, assign that group the following Windows rights located at Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > ...


The simple answer is yes. The how is by simply setting the correct owner and file-system permissions. In some cases file-system ACL's (setfacl) provide the additional ganularity you might need. Typically though you would restrict FTP users with chroot to their home-directories and move content your users are not allowed to see/edit/remove to a separate ...


I've often seen this when client machines have Offline Files enabled for a given share. Same user, same share, different files on different machines.


Darn. It was a different userid afterall. My Windows admin gave me bad info because she had confused herself with different client accounts.

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