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Nginx is respecting file permissions. Nginx is running as www-data and Linux is enforcing the file permissions. The issue here is two goals that conflict. Expectations need to be changed. First, you want the files to "inaccessible to the world" via the web browser. This implies that they can't be readable and accessible by the www-data user. Second, you ...


PHP files are processed by a PHP interpreter, which is typically a web server module, but may also be a standalone executable. This doesn't require execute permissions, as it only needs to read the script to interpret it.


Two things work to allow or deny a user the ability to logon via Terminal Services; user rights and permissions. Make sure the user in question has both.


Had the same problem, but found a fix! Go to /etc/opendkim.conf and change this line: Umask 022 To: UMask 022 And restart opendkim service opendkim restart


According to the Apache wiki this error means you got permission problems with your website root To diagnose them open a second terminal and issue the following command as root: su -l apache -s /bin/bash It will log you as apache user and will allow to find which directory/file is inaccessible by navigating to your website root with cd /[website root]/ ...


Use: create mask = 0777 directory mask = 0777 instead. Don't forget to reload the configuration.


You need to specify the -i flag to make sudo read the login scripts & such and set the environment variables as they should be. Without making sudo load the environment, the home environment variable is not updated to reflect the running-as-user.

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