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Remove the "WAN any * * * WAN address * NO NAT everything" in the Outbound NAT rules Check the logs of the firewall on Status / System Logs / Tab Firewall write here which logs you have there.


If I were going to implement this, I'd probably create a limited-permissions user in pfsense and upload an ssh public key so that user can ssh to the pfsense router. With that functionality in place, you can easily write a script that periodically: Uses scp/sftp to copy the rrd database files to another system. Use the rrdtool command-line tools to ...


Lack of any log records on pfSense means you probably have connectivity problem between the client and the gateway. Check your incoming firewall rules on WAN interface again, try another Internet provider (like a mobile network), etc. Check if you have the same port and transport protocol both sides (UDP - preferred, or TCP). I know it sounds too simple, but ...


In the case of a wireless client Framed-IP-Address is sent in accounting request (not in access request), by the time an accounting request is sent the client already have an IP address. RADIUS access request contain clients mac address (Calling-station-ID), at this point the wireless client does not have an IP address, if you take the client mac address ...

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