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To turn on AcceptPathInfo in Apache, (p.ex Moodle 2.9) in you will need to change httpd.conf like: For Apache versions earlier than 2.4: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName moodleback.local DocumentRoot "/usr/local/www/moodle" AcceptPathInfo On <Directory /usr/local/www/moodle> AllowOverride None Order Allow,Deny ...


/tmp/apc.XXXXXX -> This mmap file mask is a normal filesystem based mmap and uses mkstemp to create a unique temporary file which is mmap'd. The 6 'X's are replaced by the unique string to make the filename unique. This is just writing data to a file in filesystem. /tmp/apc.shm.XXXXXX -> Note that it_must_ be only /apc.shm.XXXXXX on linux systems. The ...


Just so I can make it an actual answer so this can be marked solved: After running which zip and locating zip, /usr/bin/zip triggered successfully while zip did not. As for the new part: I'd personally store it as a PHP variable (like $zip = /usr/bin/zip) and call it if that solves it. There may be a better solution.

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