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You installed PHP 5.4, but the PHP functions you are trying to use were introduced in PHP 5.5. Use the remi and remi-php55 repositories to update your system to PHP 5.5 (or choose a later version). It should be sufficient to install the appropriate remi-release RPM, enable the remi and remi-php55 repositories, and then yum update.


There are a number of factors that could be contributing to this: DNS Lookup (how fast the DNS servers respond to your VPS) Network latency from your server out to the internet (how many ms it takes for a request to get through the network stack to the outside world) Distance latency between your VPS and the remote website (how long it takes for your ...


Newer PHP install is looking for ap_unixd_config, but Apache 2.2 still calls it unixd_config. You can downgrade your PHP or, more preferably, upgrade to Apache 2.4.

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