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Just because he installs PHPMyAdmin doesn't mean he can access all your databases. He still can only access his own databases (the one on your MySQL database where he has access credentials for and possibly remote ones on other machines).


If you know the mysql credentials of domain using pma. you can delete that privilege of user with this SQL command. REVOKE SHOW DATABASES ON *.* FROM '[USER]'@'[IIS-SERVER]'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;


While I have limited experience using MODx, I have over a decade of experience migrating websites. Generally speaking, the two servers could seems similar but can be very different. There are dozens or even hundreds of variable settings that can prevent your old installation from working on the new server. That being said, MODx seems to provide pretty ...


As mentioned by others phpMyAdmin should not be used in production, but I'll answer my own question anyway. To get this working I had only to specify my virtual host and server name for Apache: <VirtualHost> ServerName www.example.com

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