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Last time I checked, EC2 had way more features. EC2 is like being in a datacentre with all (mostly) the services you would want or expect. If you don't need that, then it doesn't really matter.


After some googling the issue was linked to permision on sessions folder phpmyadmin was using. chown root:nginx /var/lib/php/session/


The safest would be running it on a (sub)domain you own. This way you could request a CA signed certificate. If you really want to run phpMyAdmin on an IP over SSL you could install a self-signed certificate. However this means the users will get a warning the first time they visit the page and will need to accept the certificate manually. (This also means ...


I would either use a self-signed certificate that is generated for your IP address, or use a certificate that was generated for a domain name but just use it with your IP anyway. A self-signed certificate will prompt the user with a warning in their browser. A certificate generated for a domain but used for an IP address will prompt the user with a ...

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