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I suspect that any performance increases you'll see are from improving whatever wrapper you're using to make your connections, rather than the overhead of launching curl for each URL. Whether it's curl or netcat or wget, you'll probably want to launch each one separately in order to process their results separately. But I'll answer this question in two ...


Theoretically the lowest ping coast to coast from the UK to the US would be 57ms due to a number of factors such as the speed of light in optical fibres being slower and the optical lines not being straight. In reality response times are much slower. New york for us is 72ms. This is exceptional. We have a direct fibre connection to the location in London ...


Have you created a Network/vSwitch within Virtual box? you can use Host-only networking mode and attach server and win 7 to the same so that win 7 can send DHCP request to DHCP server. On Networking settings is correct in virtual box, windows 7 should gain an IP address from DHCP server.


Maybe use Netcat? ( netcat $domain 80 | head -n 1 ) << EOF HEAD / HTTP/1.0 Host: $domain EOF Output: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

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