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This is possible using Anycast-BGP. A quite good explanation can be found here: https://www.maxcdn.com/blog/anycast-ip-routing-used-maxcdn/


Assuming there's no more information that's missing from your post (ie weird configurations or routing or something technically inbetween the 2)... Yes, if you are pinging FROM TO and 4.1 replies then there is a link between them. If after that you are pinging FROM the SRX240 TO and it is failing, then it's likely that the ...


Are you pinging a PC on the local network? If you are on the same subnet as the remote device and there is no arp entry, the first 'timed out' is because your PC is trying to arp for the remote device and gets no answer, the next 3 are because of caching the lack of arp entry.


I don't know that the details are publicly documented anywhere, but in Windows Vista Microsoft altered the TCP/IP stack to generate "Destination host unreachable" messages when ARP doesn't complete. Windows XP and prior versions of Windows didn't have this behavior. (I'd love it if somebody would come along here and give a better answer that includes a link ...


Your packet trace reveals a bug in the IP stack on The communication in summary: -> ICMP echo request -> ICMP echo reply -> ICMP error: I don't support ICMP This is not standards compliant. First of all ICMP is a mandatory part of IP, so not supporting ICMP is not ...


Try disabling IPv6 and enabling IPv4 on the vEthernet adaptor. If still not working, under Advanced set your metric to 1. Further troubleshooting Does pinging an IPv6 address give you the same results? Disable the "Carte Ethernet vEthernet (Internal Ethernet Port Windows Phone Emulator Internal Switch)" adaptor (Run ncpa.cpl, right click) and try an ...


As it appears that you can't ping your own computer, the problem seems to be purely software, as the loopback interface is not passing through your network card. Either Windows has a corrupted TCP/IP stack or configuration for some reason, or something is preventing TCP/IP from correctly working (this can be a legitimate software, like an anti-virus, that ...


ping -n 1 COMPUTERNAME | findstr TTL && start home.mp3 || start alarm.mp3


Try traceroute or mtr. They should both give you what you are after. The -R option is ping is not widely known/supported. 3


I would think it likely that you're falling foul of ICMP rate limiting on some firewall (perhaps the target host). If you ping with a (perhaps) much longer interval, it may work.


Ping command sends ICMP packets and waits for an answer; ICMP packets can be blocked locally by your software firewall or at ANY gateway in the middle of the route. Try tracing a route first: tracert -d google.fr This will give you a list of jumps. Send a ping to each one of these servers to find out which one is preventing you from pinging outside. ...


I have seen strange things happen when ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) is enabled. Perhaps it's worth verifying if it's enabled. If it is, try disabling it and then seeing if that helps your problem. It's helped me in the past with funky issues with VM's and vpn connections.


It could be due to faulty hardware, such as a bad NIC. Ive seen a report where replacing a router alleviated this type of issue, but the fact that other computers can ping, eliminates this culprit... Or have you attempted to ping using an alternate user profile on the computer?

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