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On Linux, the preferred way is to give ping (or other such things) special capabilities. This avoids the pitfalls of executing with root permissions via a setuid bit (read below). setcap cap_net_raw+ep /bin/ping From the Archlinux Wiki: Capabilities (POSIX 1003.1e, capabilities(7)) provide fine-grained control over superuser permissions, allowing ...


Install nmap to your OpenWRT router: opkg update;opkg install nmap Scan all network.For example,the network is: nmap -v -sn --open It should show something like this: Nmap scan report for Host is up (0.00016s latency). MAC Address: 04:18:D6:83:90:07 (Ubiquiti Networks) Then u can use the grep command ...


It's as simple as: ssh host ping host2 but you'll probably want a loop inside a loop to do it. However, this isn't a very good idea (it's fragile, kinda pointless, and smells like a symptom of bigger problems).

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