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TL;DR You can't / shouldn't. Okay fine I'll explain more... Anything that you do outside of Plesk's prescribed way of handling things will break it and knock it out of a supported state. I've been there, done that and have the broken customer VPSs to prove it (as well as impassioned crying on Plesk's support forums as everlasting proof of my shame). Your ...


You have a conflicting package on your system, named sw-nginx. Remove this package and then try again. sudo apt-get purge sw-nginx


What you are seeing is a basic function of SMTP, there is no control over who a person can send as, unless of course you set it up. There is an inbuilt functionality in postfix that will allow you to only let people send with the From email address(es) you specify. You do however need to have SASL enabled (which is what authentication normally is). To add ...

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