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It means that the connection state is unknown. EDIT Upon further information: I'm using Cport from Nirsoft. A quick check of their documentation says "items with unknown state (the state column is empty) are displayed." So my answer was actually more right than I realized. =) This means that no explicit state for the port is available. Probably ...


Since the answer body has to be at least 30 symbols, I need to write some stuff here, even the totally dull one, though netstat -aun or even man netstat would be enough.


I'm suspicious that the switchport isn't up - what does "show interface fa0/1 switchport" say? With the exception of DTP (dynamic trunking protocol), trunking is unidrectional, which is to say one side of the trunk doesn't necessarily need to agree with the other side. Not that you'll get proper traffic flows if trunks are mismatched, but a non-trunking ...


A port must have a VLAN assignment. If you need it to be completely disconnected, set it to a nonexistent VLAN and shut down the port. interface fa0/1 switchport access vlan 901 no switchport access vlan 1 shutdown (I'm not sure if the "no" is required. Don't have a switch at my fingers with an open port to test). That said, shutdown should be sufficient ...

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