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If you want to connect via SSH to a computer behind the firewall, then you will need to add a port forward (DNAT) rule to the firewall mapping port 22 (or whatever port you decide to use) to the SSH port on the internal server. TeamViewer is able to get through by using techniques such as NAT Traversal and UDP hole punching to establish a connection through ...


etlservicemgr is not the name of the process listening on port 9001. It's the name of the IANA-registered service for that port number. $ grep 9001 /etc/services etlservicemgr 9001/tcp # ETL Service Manager etlservicemgr 9001/udp # ETL Service Manager The name of the process appears in the first column, COMMAND. We can ...


1. Physically Trace the cables, and mark them off as you go. 2. MAC Address If your switch infrastructure is managed and intelligent enough, you should be able to see the MAC addresses present on each port. In Cisco-land, the command is show mac-address-table on the switch. 3. CDP/LLDP Some hosts and switches may be capable of using CDP (Cisco ...


What is that bind address good for? If you have multiple local IP addresses, you can choose one of them to bind the port to.


It sounds very much like you want to use what was some-time-ago known as 'port knocking' (thankfully it seems to have been a short-lived fashion). I believe there is google-able software for that, now that you know what you need to do. ... I would suggest though that it would be better to use something like a VPN or a client-side SSL certificate (preferably ...


You can use lsof with the -i option. IE: # lsof -i:80 for view what's listening on port 80. Also you can use # ss -tlpn Regards

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