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APT is designed to not leave you a broken system. It has no idea that you are running a server, and don't need some package or the other. You will see behavior like this when trying to remove a package if some other package depends on what you are trying to remove, but can also use another package instead. When you try to remove the package it depends on ...


Just do the following in /etc/default/portmap to stop portmap from listening on the external interface: # If you want portmap to listen only to the loopback # interface, uncomment the following line (it will be # uncommented automatically if you configure this # through debconf). OPTIONS="-i" Then do: /etc/init.d/portmap restart I think the ...


I don't think udp has been the default transport for many years, unless you are a sophisticated user with a good understanding I would suggest removing that option, or switching explicitly back to more reliable TCP. You might also want to add the options from your /etc/exports file to your question for reference, and also any configuration options from ...


man statd /FILES Start reading. First guess: you still have the old hostname floating around in a couple of configuration files. I'd check for that first: find /etc /var -type f | xargs fgrep (whatever your old hostname was)

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