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Just restarting postgres is not a long term solution, you will hit the limit again, unless you have physical resource constraints on the server such as memory. During the issue the number of processes opened(nproc) by postgres user was 503 and the estimated number of open files(nofile) was 35225 and yet your postgres_limits.conf shows that you have set nproc ...


If you don't want to restart the server and just send a signal to postgreSQL, just type command: pg_ctl reload


Not exactly what you are asking for, but will serve your purpose: 1) Put all of your script files in a folder; and 2) use a bash script to iterate through your files and run psql. For example: SCRIPTS_DIR=/home/myproject/scripts DATABASE_NAME=database_name for file in $SCRIPTS_DIR/*.sql do sudo -u postgres psql $DATABASE_NAME -f $file done This is in ...

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