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you have to remove it from gpo first, i had same issue before. after remove it from gpo, it will be gone from client pc automatically.


To cancel DEEP SLEEP on Brother Printer Go to General Setup then OK Ecology then OK SLEEP TIME then OK While sleep time is display push Down Arrow and CANCEL at the same time! DEEP SLEEP on/off toggle by Arrow keys OK to SAVE Deep Sleep off.


On the GPO you need to check the box "Run in logged-in user's security context"


One one of the computers where the printers are not installed, run the following: gpresult /h gpresult.html From the user's logon context. This will show the user's group memberships, and the GPO's applied/denied. This will help you narrow down if it is an issue with group membership not being picked up, or if the GPO's aren't being processed, or ...

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