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That mean the print driver are not installed on the computer, please configure point & print restriction to allow a user to install driver that are from your printserver. How to change the Point and Print Restrictions policies setting 1.Open the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). 2.In the GPMC console tree, navigate to the domain or ...


You need to specify a listening IP for the local side. Keep in mind that ANY computer on your network will be able to use the tunnel without any kind of authentication unless you also set up a firewall to only allow one computer to connect to that port (also, check that you don't have a firewall blocking this port). ssh -NL


You can install the needed driver within your XenApp farm. If the redirection is correctly done the receiver will bring the printer correctly to the xenapp server. If the server does not recognize the driver then it will map the citrix universal driver. No worry there as you can create rule within xenapp that if a printer x is mapped, you replace it with ...

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