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Client/Server Runtime Subsystem (CSRSS or csrss.exe) is spawned by the Session Manager Subsystem (SMSS or smss.exe). SMSS is spawned by System (which always has a PID of 4) under Session 0 for OS services. Additionally, SMSS is spawned in Session 1 (the user session) with the sole job of starting CSRSS and WinLogon. Once those two are started, the Session 1 ...


I was able to kill a hung ip sla responder process using the following command: clear sockets 122 where 122 is the PID for the process IP SLAs Responder which was previously using 99%+ CPU time.


72=3days 48=2days 24=1day a1=$(TZ=72 date +%d) ps -ef| cat filex.txt | sed '/[JFMASOND][aepuco][nbrylgptvc] '$a1'/!d' | awk '{ print $2 " " $5 " " $6 }' > file2.txt it works :)


Here's a systemtap option, using the netfilter probes available in stap verson 1.8 and later. See also man probe::netfilter.ip.local_out. # stap -e 'probe netfilter.ip.local_out { if (dport == 53) # or parametrize printf("%s[%d] %s:%d\n", execname(), pid(), daddr, dport) }' ping[24738] ping[24738] ^C

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