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I'm an old ASE and haven't done anything Procurve or switch related since nearly 8 years and starting to forget everything, so bare with me if I'm talking nonsense. That filter list tells me that you should remove the ports from the filters, not the other way.


"Invalid value" is one of the less unambiguous errors in HP Procurves. I think I got that when I tried a command that needed config. According to the code snippets you were issuing those commands in enabled (#) mode. The documentation I found HP documentation shows that they have to be issued in config mode. ProCurve(config)# no filter source-port ...


I would put up a sniffer between the pfsense OPT interface and the MSM760 just to see what the packets look like and if they're even making it onto that line. You'd want to see if: 1. Your pings TO the 172.16 network from LAN and WAN are even exiting the OPT interface and 2. Packets FROM the 172.16 network destined to the LAN are making it passed the ...

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