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If the same CSR is used then the new cert would indeed work just fine with the same private key - most likely this was generated with a new key, which you'll need to get from the client. Confirm that the new cert was generated with: openssl x509 -in path/to/public-cert.pem -noout -text Compare the Modulus there to the modulus from: openssl rsa -in ...


The problem has been resolved, it wasn't ssh-related at all: hyperion.internal had an encrypted home, so the key-lookup failed when it was not mounted to /home/europe. In hindsight quite obvious, but it accounts for the heisenbug effect of not failing when observing the logs on the machine (while being logged in, of course...) Hope this helps at least ...


Your configuration is close. I think what you want is PubkeyAuthentication yes PasswordAuthentication yes AuthenticationMethods publickey Match Address AuthenticationMethods publickey password You can find the details in man sshd_config.

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