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While you don't enter a username, if you are connecting from a linux/osx/bsd workstation the username is implicit (it defaults to the username you are logged in as), if you have windows and use putty try connecting without setting the Auto-login username, and present a key, it will ask for a username to try and match the pair. Keys only replace passwords, ...


Its not a pretty answer and requires some leg work, to automate it, you would have to implement their API. Otherwise your best option is to generate the keys and add them via the webui. GitHub API Reference: https://developer.github.com/v3/users/keys/ curl -d '{"title": "user@machinename","key": "ssh-rsa AAA..."}' ...


It's merely a comment. You can put anything you'd like there. Or nothing at all. Most key generators put user@host there to help identify on what host the key was generated, and for which user.

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