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Puppet can be used to audit the state of your system. Part of the functionality of auditing the state of your system is being able to actually read the state of some resource. Puppet only changes things on a system when a resource is isn't what it is supposed to be. It must be able load the current state of a resource to decide if a change is required. ...


Generally you'd configure a pre- or post-commit hook in your favorite revision control system. There are some example scripts at: http://projects.puppetlabs.com/projects/1/wiki/puppet_version_control


I found this article which seems to address the issue pretty well http://ximunix.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/howto-cleanup-puppet-reports-and-db.html posted by Ximena Cardinali The short story is start deleting reports in small batches and then reclaim the space from MySQL HOWTO Cleanup Puppet Reports and DB If the database for Puppet Dashboard is using ...


In Puppet, to execute a command, use exec resource. To make sure that your command gets executed only if particular file doesn't exist, specify creates option. For example: exec { "create_needed_directory": command => "/bin/mkdir -p /tmp/needed/directory", creates => "/tmp/needed/directory" } If you need to perform some more complicated ...


One possibility is to use tags. When you include a class, Puppet automatically tags the node with class name. For example: node myhost { include ssh # This node is now tagged with 'ssh' tag include ssh_keys } Note that the order of includes is significant. If ssh_keys is included before ssh class, the tag is not necessarily visible. Also, if ...


Use this command => "/bin/cp \"`/usr/bin/head -1 /tmp/testfile.out | cut -d\",\" -f2`\"/application/myscript.sh /var/tmp/myscript.sh", creates => "/var/tmp/myscript.sh" It works for me ..


I suppose I should be explicit about my solution. Following Felix Frank's advice to use strace (ktrace in FreeBSD), I performed ktrace -d puppet module install puppetlabs/apache the -d flag just being there in case child processes were involved. Then, to recover the trace in a human readable format, kdump | less which revealed among other things the ...

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