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In Puppet Enterprise the puppetmaster should be listening on a dual stack IPv6/IPv4 socket by default. Though PE has some other IPv6-related brokenness (my site) you'll have to work around. In open source Puppet, such as you may have obtained via EPEL, you need to set the bindaddress explicitly in the [main] section of /etc/puppet/puppet.conf: [main] ...


Hiera is a tool to lookup data. You give it a key name and it walks through its data files and returns the first match (which should be the most specific one) it comes up with, traversing downwards in its hierarchy. Using it within puppet, you have more options what to do if there is more than one value for a key: hiera Standard priority lookup. Gets ...


Make sure to have "-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 8140 -j ACCEPT" in iptables. Once you connect, it will say "The environment must be purely alphanumeric, not ''" which is NOT an error.


Use the firewall module (which is developed by Puppet Labs). There are usage examples in the readme that should cover your use case quite nicely.


Instead of turning off iptables completely, I'd recommend using the Puppetlabs Firewall module to manage firewalls/iptables: $ puppet module install puppetlabs-firewall Then you can write some Puppet such as this: firewall { '100 Allow http and https access': port => [80, 443], proto => tcp, action => accept, }

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