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Just to put it as an answer also: you can't. The namevar parameter is path, so you can't have 2 file resources with the same path. Check the documentation about file resource: https://docs.puppetlabs.com/references/latest/type.html#file


Not tested, but this should work: For the second resource, just name it differently and set an explicit path: file {"/foo/bar_root": path => "/foo/bar", ensure => directory, mode => 0640, # +x automatically added to directories recurse => false, }


I found the reason for the out-of-sync notifications in Foreman. It seems like in these servers there was a stuck process of puppet agent -t, is looks like so: root 7531 21487 0 Aug09 ? 00:00:03 puppet agent: applying configurat Once I killed this process and ran puppet agent -t again - problem solved.

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