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The classical way to configure the environment is this: #Environments [development] modulepath =/etc/puppet/development/modules manifest = /etc/puppet/development/manifest/site.pp manifestdir = /etc/puppet/development/manifest [testing] modulepath =/etc/puppet/testing/modules manifest = /etc/puppet/testing/manifest/site.pp ...


As per the comments: The agent asked for the environment qa, whereas you showed site.pp of the environment production. So, better double check the environments on both sides, master and agent. :)


hello.erb is a template file. That means that only code inside the tag markers is interpreted as ruby code. Your variable assignment is not inside such tags and as a result of that, there is no $names variable declared. There is no variable declaration in that file, it is simply a string on top that only gets written out. As to your second question, there ...

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