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Have you attempted to explicitly set a COLUMNS variable before executing drush? For example: output=$(COLUMNS=120 drush @website.dev --uri=xyz1.com fl) echo "$output" > xyz1.txt


Package your app inside Docker container and re-start docker container inside host machine if needed. There is Docker support in Elastic Beanstalk service, so you don't have to worry about installing and configuring Docker. So typical flow for working directly with service is Spin up new Beanstalk instance (which is actually EC2 with pre-installed ...


I see no reason why not to use Elastic IP - it is free and easy to setup. Another option would be using dynamic DNS but you will need to be able to execute a some sort of a script upon instance startup (internally or externally). We used setup like this in the past for our internal addresses but eventually migrated to VPC. DNSMadeEasy supports this feature, ...

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