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please follow below steps for resolution Back up /etc/ssh/sshd_config Increase value of MaxAuthTries in sshd_config stopsrc -s sshd ; startsrc -s sshd And check again after above changes


If I understood correctly: you're working on a windows host, locally connected as "winuser" account; on such host, you can succesfully use "putty" to SSH-access a remote host (let's call it "remote_host") authenticating as the remote "root" user. Let's suppose you're authentication is "password-based"; you have a putty profile for "remote_host", that ...


If you can create a tunnel from the stepping stone to the original tunneling box, the solution is simply to chain the two tunnels. Setup one PuTTY instance to connect to the "stepping stone" and create a tunnel to the box, that you have used for tunneling previously. Setup another PuTTY instance to connect to the first tunnel and create a tunnel to the ...

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