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The issue here is the VPN. If you always leave the VPN open, then theoretically you can export the remote filesystem in a format your local Windows host can understand. In this case, you would mount it under your local filesystem and symlink it as you see fit. For this you would use Samba. The other option is to place the codebase under some repository ...


You can use the simple SCP client, WinSCP or install SAMBA on CentOS and access the Linux file system from Windows.


It depends on what causes connection drop. It's not putty itself, so it's either endpoint server, or some NAT on the way. If that's NAT, switch on Enable TCP keepalives on Connection category, as described there: http://www.nth-design.com/2010/05/10/using-keepalive-in-putty/ If it's endpoint server that drops the connection, then the only reasonable way I ...


You could connect as per your post and then right click on the title bar and "Change Settings", "Connection", and put in a number in the "Seconds between keepalives" (I usually put in 60)


Look into PS1 which is what controls the prompt and ultimately the cursor position.

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