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I use a very clever trick (if I do say so). Answer is NO, putty can't do a find in the scroll back buffer. Here's my workaround: I enable putty session logging, and then have the session log open in GxTail, which is a text viewer that updates in real time. I have the windows open side by side (or one on each monitor), and when I issue a command in ...


looks like you are having an issue with ssh key on the server/client... have a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/205179/ssh-problem-read-from-socket-failed-connection-reset-by-peer (slightly different error but most of the socket errors are similar troubleshooting wise.. ) and also clear known host file when you re try connecting from laptop/desktop ...


Turns out this was because of a McAfee firewall that had an SSH proxy. Explains everything.


Firewall cannot block individual downloads/uploads with SFTP. The connection is encrypted. The firewall cannot see that's going on between the client and the server, let only intervene anyhow. All the firewall can do is to block whole connection, but not individual operations. But the SFTP server can block the downloads/uploads based on client IP address. ...

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